“As seen on TV” – ITV’s Harbour Lives

New ITV series “Harbour Lives” hosted by Ben Fogle. Tonight’s episode shows Grahame Knott’s catamaran “Wey Chieftain 4” wreck diving and a quick side view of Sam Cumming’s “Silver Spray 2” are in the respective vessel galleries.

New kit boat order

BWSeaCat Ltd are pleased to announce the sale of another kit version of the ever popular S.P.E.E.D Eleven hull to a client who wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

The build will commence immediately for completion by the end of September.

This kit nicely fills the gap in our build schedule between now and the start of ROV 1303 for ROVas of Norway.

We look forward to getting our hands dirty again…Laughing

New order for Norway

BWSeaCat are proud to announce the sale of another S.P.E.E.D series catamaran to Norway based ROVas.

This is the third such vessel to be ordered by the survey specialists and marks a massive milestone in our company history, as this is the largest number of vessels we have ever sold to a single client.

The previous craft ROV 1101 and ROV 1102 are doing sterling service for the boys and continue to generate interest amongst others working in the industry in Norway and beyond.

The specification for ROV 1103 has yet to be finalised but will likely be the same layout in terms of accomodation and operations room.  There has been talk recently of the possibility of a 13m version of our hull with conventional inboard diesel and shaft setup (see below for final specification)

This would be a huge undertaking for the team here, but we look forward to the challenge as always.

Robert, John and the ROVas team will be at Seawork this year to see our latest creation and experience an inboard powered vessel first hand.

The intention is to handover ROV 1103 at Seawork 2015.

The official press release for this order will be conducted at Seawork this year — 10/11/12th June in Southampton.


Our recent trip to Norway although extremely hard work has been worth it for the improvements made to ROV 1101 which now is identical to ROV 1102 with pod mounted engines.

During the trip we have also confirmed the details of the specification of ROV 1103 which will be a 13m vessel running a pair of 200 or 225Hp Suzuki outboards mounted on pods. This will make the vessel effectively nearly 14m overall.

She will be used to operate a far larger ROV system and will also require a crane on the aft deck for launching and retrieval.

This will be an extremely complicated challenge for the small team at BWSeaCat, but I’m sure we’re up to it.

ROV 1103 will be exhibited at Sea work 2015 and we will start her in late September. Watch this space…

Catamaran orders for Norway – Update

13th Dec 2013

The ROVas team have been impressed enough with our design approach and build quality for them to remain on target to order one vessel each year for the foreseeable future.

This is obviously excellent news for BWSeaCat Ltd and the team here look forward to working closely with our Norwegian friends well into future.

BWSeaCat are proud to announce that with the build of the first of two specialist survey Catamarans for Norway based company Neptun Marine Consulting well underway, the company have confirmed that these vessels have the potential to be followed by a further eight of the same design! These builds will be spaced out over a number of years and represent an exciting new avenue for us as a company. The first vessel is to be named ROV 1101 and the second ROV 1102. (see our LINKS page for more details)

7th Dec 2012 Today we can confirm that work has started on the first of two specialist survey vessels for Norway.  These will feature a combination of both full width and Island wheelhouse elements, along with an extended roof, double glazing, full insulation throughout the crew compartments and outboard powering. This latest project is a departure from the norm’ for us as a company and will see us venturing into new and exciting markets, further exploiting and confirming the benefits of our design approach.

1st March 2013 As you can see, today has been a full on day! We have released the first of our vessels for Norway, and the mould will not remain empty long before we start laying up the second one. The extended wheelhouse roof is coming on really well and hopefully will make a smart addition to our moulding capability, giving us the option of various lengths of roof for different applications. Over the next week or so, the major mouldings will be fitted to the hull and we will commence work on the aft ‘control room’ which will house the computer systems required to pilot the ROV. Watch this space for what will hopefully be rapid progress…

Click this link, then click ‘translate’ to see the English version of http://www.rovas.no

New Charter vessel order

BWSeaCat Ltd are proud to announce the sale of another S.P.E.E.D. Eleven Catamaran for a UK charter skipper, who wishes at this early stage to remain anonymous. There is now a steady ground swell of opinion amongst the UK charter fleet that…:

  1. Our boats are well designed and well built.
  2. Our finish is second to none.
  3. The average fuel burn figures of our hull design are the lowest of any 11m, shaft driven, UK built charter vessel bar none, when measured against vessels of comparable speed performance and load capacity.

Congratulations to yet another charter skipper who has realised the above benefits of our design and we look forward to the build which will be starting in the New Year.


New order for Weymouth

BWSeaCat Ltd are proud to announce the sale of their next available build slot to Ian Taylor of Weymouth.

This new craft, to be sold in the form of the companies ‘self build kit’, will operate alongside Ian’s existing vessels Skin Deep and Skin Deeper.

Once completed this will be the fourth BWSeaCat S.P.E.E.D Eleven to have been sold to a weymouth skipper.

The build will start as soon as we have the special blue gelcoat Ian has specified and is for completion by the end of January…

Glen Cairns ‘Self Fitout’

‘Valkyrie 7’ is the new ‘kit’ boat for Glen Cairns of Hayling Island.

This kit will be supplied with almost all the glasswork done and a comprehensive list of supplied parts, including shafts, prop’s, rudders, tiller arms, full exhaust system including water locks and silencers etc etc.  The idea is that a customer can complete the vessel to a similar standard as the yard, using the same parts, whilst saving on the labour cost.

Glen’s new boat was launched over the weekend of 20th October and he took delivery on 23rd October.

All at BWSeaCat Ltd wish Glen all the best and look forward to seeing the completed vessel sometime soon.

As usual, progress of the builds can be viewed on our Facebook page by clicking the link from this site.

If you have a particular vessel project in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us via Email, Mobile or Landline.


Iain Worrallo  MD BWSeaCat Ltd.

Tuesday 23rd April 2013

We heard today from Glen Cairns that his new BWSeaCat S.P.E.E.D. Eleven ‘Valkyrie 7’ is now up and running and earning her keep. Glen, who finished the vessel off himself, is delighted with her and has received many positive comments from the crews he has taken so far. We wish Glen every success…

‘Supanova 2’

UPDATE: 6th Feb 2013

Lyle is currently on his way back to Weymouth in Supanova 2, his spanking new BWSeaCat S.P.E.E.D. Eleven power Catamaran. It is nice for us as a company that one of the youngest charter skippers in the country has chosen to invest his future in our design. With fuel costs rising, Lyle will be able to maintain a healthy business moving forward, without sacrificing any operational capability, by virtue of the efficiency of the S.P.E.E.D. hull design. We wish Lyle all the best for the future with his new vessel and forthcoming new addition to the family…

UPDATE 7th Feb

Having steamed Supanova 2 back to Weymouth on Wednesday, Lyle has now completed the first of his charters with the new vessel, with more to follow over the weekend. On his delivery voyage he experienced 35Kn winds on the nose. Keeping his nerve, Lyle never dropped below 17Kn even in the steep head seas this kind of wind can generate and described the performance of the boat as ‘awesome’. Initial feedback from his clients has been extremely positive and the rate of fuel burn (or rather lack of it) continues to put a grin on Lyle’s face and a scowl on the face of the fuel berth operator! We will pop down at some point shortly just to check everything over and tighten things down but in the meantime we will leave Lyle to enjoy the fruits of his labours…

We try to update our Facebook page daily wherever possible and the latest pictures will show there.

Dave Harrison

We are pleased to announce the successful launch and subsequent hand over of ‘Gemini’, built for Dave Harrison of Dartmouth. This is the latest S.P.E.E.D. Eleven Catamaran to leave our workshops here in Portchester.

Launched on the 25th of July, shortly before her allotted time, ‘Gemini’ features a full walk-around ‘ Island ’ style wheelhouse favoured by Charter Skippers, but this time with separate crew and skipper compartments with an interconnecting door, as specified by Dave.

This gives the vessel an open and airy feel on deck and results in masses of outside storage under the crew seats which are fully sheltered by the roof and wheelhouse sides.

Propulsion is provided again by the frugal and refined Toyota based four cylinder Common Rail Nanni 200Hp units, which we as a company feel are the perfect match for the hull.

With a 2.45:1 reduction on the 8 degree down-angle gearboxes, these engines swing 21” by 26” propellers to 3400rpm, giving a top speed of 23Kn and will give a fast cruise of 18Kn at 2700rpm.

More importantly than all this however, is the fuel economy of which this 7500Kg vessel is capable.

Given average conditions and assuming full tanks and full crew, ‘Gemini’ will burn between 2 and 2.5 Ltrs per mile for the whole boat at 18Kn.  This represents a significant saving in fuel over other comparable sized vessels.

We wish Dave every success with his new vessel.