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11th August 2014

After a significant gearbox failure on Silver Spray 2 run by Andy and Sam Cumming, we were contacted to source the required spare parts.

This involved a massive trans global effort, requiring parts to be flown from France, USA, Japan and the UK. Items shipped included a new gearbox, various gaskets and shaft seals and a new R + D coupling.

All these parts have arrived in less than 24hrs and are currently sat on our workshop floor awaiting collection by Sam this afternoon. Whilst nobody wants to experience a problem with their boat, this highlights two important things.

  1. Sam managed to navigate safely back from Cherbourg with a full crew on one engine. A clear benefit of a catamaran and twin engine installations in general.
  2. Our after sales back up has yet again proved itself to be worthy of the praise we have received for it over the years and continues to be a deciding factor in the minds of our clients when weighing up whether or not to buy from us…

12th August 2014

It looks like a random materials manufacturing fault has resulted in some teeth shearing off the internal gears of the output shaft…

Sam Cumming “Thanks again to all the lads at BW. Nice to see almost 3 years after the launch and they are still ready to drop everything and help us out of a tight spot. Gearbox is all painted and will be attached tomorrow morning before we are put back in the water”

 BWSeaCat’s reply “Sam, No worries mate. All part of the service…”


S.P.E.E.D. Design saves 37% on fuel

Dear Iain,

Just a quick line to let you know how pleased I am with the self build kit we purchased from you

The quality of the mouldings is first class and after taking delivery at the end of October 2012, we spent the next six months fitting her out.

The build wasn’t all plain sailing, but with the help of Ben and Iain answering any questions that arose, the job was made a lot easier and all the components that came with the self build kit certainly saved a lot of time during the build.

We kept with the Nanni 200 hp engines as recommended by Ben, as we had already been out on Silver Spray 11 so we were hoping to achieve the same kind of performance. This was a wise move, as we were considering other engine manufacturers, but decide to stick with what was already a well proven engine in this design of Catamaran.

After running V7 for a complete season, the fuel figures suggested on the initial sea trials are spot on, returning 2.5 ltrs per nautical mile @ 18 knots for both engines combined.  If we are working inshore then we can shave this down to about 2 ltrs per mile running at about 15 knots.

As most of my work is offshore and most trips average just over 100 miles, this has added up through the year to an approximate saving of 37% on my fuel bills when compared to our other vessel.

The sea keeping is very good, with the fine entry making those long journeys more comfortable and the Island wheelhouse arrangement is perfect for our job, allowing my anglers to fish all around the boat.

Kind Regards

Glen Cairns, ‘Valkyrie 7’

Glen Cairns – ‘Valkyrie – 29/01/2014

Hi Ben and Iain,

Hope this finds you well. I’m a couple of weeks into the running of the all new Supanova II now and just thought I’d drop you a mail to thank you for all your hard work and providing me with a very fine vessel. Prior to ordering from yourselves I was lucky enough to have a trial on Dave Gibson’s Meerkat from Weymouth.

Nothing compares to testing a vessel in your home waters as everywhere is different, after reflecting on the trial I was left astounded by the sea keeping of the vessel in what can best be described as pretty nasty conditions in some of the most renowned and treacherous waters in the country, the Portland Race. All aspects of the vessel’s performance were incredible, with the weather on the beam, either quarter, or a following sea she never once felt vulnerable and with only minor helm adjustment needed to keep her on track it was a remarkable performance.

It’s a very rare thing for any boat operator to say but I had 100% confidence in a vessel that I was totally unfamiliar with. What hit the nail completely on the head were two things. Firstly the remarkable and unrivalled fuel economy which I will come to later. But secondly the vessels ability in a head sea, this situation normally will see most catamarans come unstuck but not your vessel, it will literally handle anything you throw at it. I’m sure if you listen along any quayside around the country there will be many skippers grumbling about ever increasing fuel costs, for the three years that I ran my old vessel fuel was constantly on the brain. In the few short weeks I have been running Supanova II I can happily say that my projected fuel saving for the coming season will be in the region of 40% on last year which is nothing short of remarkable, and something all of your main competitors could have never truthfully offered me.

Truthfully every skipper will always believe that their boat is the best boat blah blah blah but the people that matter in my industry are the anglers that spend their hard earned money with me and it is their opinions that should matter the most. So far the comments have been fantastic and this cements in my head that I have made the right decision in investing in one of your vessels in these challenging economic times.

Your commitment to producing the best quality vessel you can is unrivalled, your communication throughout the build was unrivalled, your attention to detail is unrivalled, the fact you delivered my vessel and every other vessel on time is completely unheard of, after sale service nothing short of phenomenal.

Anyone in the future who purchases one of your vessels will not be disappointed. It’s hard to see how your vessels will do anything other than sell themselves.

Thanks to you all for all your efforts and good luck for the future.


Lyle Stantiford

Supanova Charters, www.supanova-charters.co.uk

Weymouth, Dorset

Lyle Stantiford – ‘Supanova 2’ – 18/02/2013

Below is a copy of an email we received this morning from Dave Harrison. I had asked Dave to sum up his experiences both before, during and after taking delivery of Gemini by way of a testimonial…


I was very lucky that whilst I was thinking of buying a second hand catamaran, a cancelled build slot became available at BWSeaCat and I made the decision to buy as I have wanted one of these vessels for 2 years but couldn’t sell my last catamaran at the time. Once my boat sold I had to rent for 6 months, but trust me the wait was worthwhile.
Iain, Ben and the whole team at BWSeaCat have been very professional and nothing has been too much trouble. They have dealt with everything I have asked for and more.

The quality of the work was excellent, delivery bang on time, advice forthcoming and phone calls returned quickly. When I went to view the boat during the build I was impressed how they had taped the size of the wheelhouse on the deck to give us a better idea of the size and to make alterations.

I sailed ‘Gemini’ home on the 2nd August and what a test for a brand new vessel. We had a force 5 to 6 on the nose and wind against tide for the 100 mile journey. We cleared the needles into some pretty poor weather so I dropped the speed to 12 knots, still a good speed.

I had a call from the boat yard to see how things were going and was told to increase the speed!! A bit scary I thought, but increased to 18 knots and kept it between 18 and 20 knots all the way home. Sounds like a load of bull but this vessel does everything they said it would, an unbelievable sea boat.

Fuel economy is incredible. Fuel burn will drop under 2 litres a mile at 16 knots for both engines and will save you a fortune. We have had a charging problem, which was no fault of the boat yard or Marley Marine but they were on the quay at 6am the next day. Problem solved, what service!

A great product built and designed by an excellent workforce.

Best Regards
Dave Harrison http://www.geminifishing.co.uk/

Dave Harrison ‘Gemini’ – 15/08/2012

Hello Iain & Ben

I would like to go on record as stating ”BWSeaCat’s after sales service is second to none, they have earned an excellent reputation for the quality of the construction of the BWSeaCat boats and this reputation is only enhanced by the truly excellent quality of the after sales service, I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to purchase a new Catamaran”

Best Regards
Dave Gibson ‘Meerkat’

Dave Gibson – “Meerkat” – 28/02/2012

Ben and Iain,

I have had nothing but great after sales service. Ben & Iain do not quibble, they get to the root of the problem & immediately solve it. I had a steering ram failure & Ben was on the quayside the next morning at 0800 in Plymouth with a new ram before dashing back home to take his girlfriend out to a function that evening. When I had problems with Nanni’s intercalator Ben was key to getting it solved swiftly.

More importantly, all the guys at BW are extremely flexible & adapted to my ‘additions’ during the build.

Ken Turner, owner of ‘Clarissa’, commercial fishing boat, Plymouth.

Ken Turner – “Clarissa” – 05/04/2012

Iain and Ben

For the record let me be quite clear BWSeacat have a first class product and as with any new product there are teething problems. I have had nothing other than excellent service even to the point that I eventually started getting cups of tea! Ha ha sorry, couldn’t resist it boys. Ben and Iain work like Trojans and as customers we all know they can be a little grumpy at times, but their heart is in the job and in reality that is all that counts.

Go on get a life, better still get a BWSeaCat.

Grahame Knott
Wey Chieftain 4

Grahame Knott – “Wey Chieftain 4” – 05/04/2012

Hi Ben and Ian

As you know I now have 2 OUTBOARD powered BWSeaCats and I am very happy with both my vessels, providing me with excellent fuel economy stability and reliability. When I took delivery of my 11 metre I did have one problem and after a phone call, Ben came to see and advise me the same day. And I know if I had any problems they would be more than happy to talk and help to resolve the problem.

Kind Regards Colin Cooter (Emma Jayne Fisheries).

Emma Jayne Fisheries – 05/04/2012

Iain and Ben

I have found the team at BW highly professional in the way they have dealt with our  ‘teething problems’.  Like all boat builders, they are sometimes in the hands of their suppliers and as such this can be frustrating for both them and the customer.

The remedial work that needed to be carried out on our vessel was completed at East Llanion boat yard by Ian and another member of staff and my only involvement was to arrange for the vessel to be at the yard on time and collect it a few days later with all the work completed. The only issue outstanding is one that is being addressed by A R Peachments and has been going on for some considerable time but this has been due to a design and supply problem to Peachments . This should be completed by the end of next week.

With regard to contact with Ben at BW, every time I have left a message it has been returned within an hour and all follow up calls have been made when stated.


Tony Bradley


Jevington Logisitics – 15/02/2007