New order for Norway

BWSeaCat are proud to announce the sale of another S.P.E.E.D series catamaran to Norway based ROVas.

This is the third such vessel to be ordered by the survey specialists and marks a massive milestone in our company history, as this is the largest number of vessels we have ever sold to a single client.

The previous craft ROV 1101 and ROV 1102 are doing sterling service for the boys and continue to generate interest amongst others working in the industry in Norway and beyond.

The specification for ROV 1103 has yet to be finalised but will likely be the same layout in terms of accomodation and operations room.  There has been talk recently of the possibility of a 13m version of our hull with conventional inboard diesel and shaft setup (see below for final specification)

This would be a huge undertaking for the team here, but we look forward to the challenge as always.

Robert, John and the ROVas team will be at Seawork this year to see our latest creation and experience an inboard powered vessel first hand.

The intention is to handover ROV 1103 at Seawork 2015.

The official press release for this order will be conducted at Seawork this year — 10/11/12th June in Southampton.


Our recent trip to Norway although extremely hard work has been worth it for the improvements made to ROV 1101 which now is identical to ROV 1102 with pod mounted engines.

During the trip we have also confirmed the details of the specification of ROV 1103 which will be a 13m vessel running a pair of 200 or 225Hp Suzuki outboards mounted on pods. This will make the vessel effectively nearly 14m overall.

She will be used to operate a far larger ROV system and will also require a crane on the aft deck for launching and retrieval.

This will be an extremely complicated challenge for the small team at BWSeaCat, but I’m sure we’re up to it.

ROV 1103 will be exhibited at Sea work 2015 and we will start her in late September. Watch this space…